ROBO Fatboy - Limited Edition
ROBO Fatboy - Limited Edition

ROBO Fatboy - Limited Edition

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To celebrate 25 years of OBO we're bringing back the Original Acid pattern for a one-off run of limited edition sticks!

Here it's available in the Robo Fatboy construction with all the familiar features:

  • GOALIE HOOK - Gives you maximum saving area and power for both upright and ground stick saves
  • ROUNDED HEEL EDGE - For a smooth and fast sweeping action
  • THICK AND SQUARE EDGE - For consistent and powerful reverse sweep clearances
  • FLAT AND STRAIGHT SAVING FACE - Ensures a true and consistent rebound
  • OVAL HANDLE - Thicker than the Straight As for an ergonomic feel and a strong grip
  • 80% CARBON - combined with 20% fibreglass provides high rebound yet a soft feel