The O-Lab

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The Science of Goal Keeping

The OBO Impact Research laboratory (O-Lab) is an in-house test facility that oozes technology and commitment. We know that to design and build the very best goal keeping gear we need hard data on materials and design concepts. The O-Lab gives us unique insights that enable us to design products that protect you from balls traveling up to 160KPH.

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Top performance requires total confidence and if you are feeling at all vulnerable you hold back - just a little - and there is no way you can play at your best.

Hockey balls are hard and travel bloody fast ! Take a look at a few impacts captured at over 1600 frames a second from the OBO LAB. Awesome ... but scary unless you are well protected by the right materials and the right designs.

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A peek inside
the O LAB

If we are to design and build the world's most protective and best performing goal keeper equipment we need the facts. The O Lab is packed full of the world's most advanced impact test equipment ... and a few very clever dudes to test and help evaluate the results.

Anatomically correct crash test dummy head
Data capture software simultaneously showing video and concussion data
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Dedicated and clever people

Every detail sorted by a small group of smart committed people. Video capture at speeds up to 2,000 frames per second, skin contact analysis, and accurate concussion measurements.
Materials and shape testing
Fire button
Ball cannon capable of speeds in excess of 120 MPH (200KMH)
Data acquisition equipment
Polystyrene heads used in some impact testing


UltraSTOP is a brand new material, unique to OBO. It has the best energy absorption we can find, ensuring no energy is transferred to the body...ultimate protection!
The Robo Kicker PLUS has UltraStop hidden deep inside, and other products in the OBO range will benefit from the enhanced protection of UltraSTOP. Look out for the UltraSTOP Inside notice on different OBO products.

It's not only goalie gear that's benefiting from the extensive research we conduct. OOP products, designed by OBO for outfield players in the Penalty Corner phase of the game are proven to be more effective than others on the market. Play Safe!

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