OBO Robo Hockey Goalkeeping Bored Shorts

ROBO Bored Shorts

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Designed to fully protect whilst maximising agility..... all in one durable unit.

The bored shorts allow the human body to move naturally enabling quick reactions.

13 Pieces of closed cell foam are positioned to provide protection exactly where required for the field hockey stance and movements.
  • Soft and comfortable wide elastic waistband, with velcro adjustment
  • A waist belt to hold the shorts in place, sitting just above the hip bone
  • An outer shell made of Heavy Duty Knit Polyester
  • Dual density Hip pads for comfort and protection
  • Unique Steel Skin rear slide panel for easy sliding and durability
  • Triple Density main protection panel - Extended to cover the
    easily bruised, and frequently hit, inner leg
  • Adjustable straps on the leg of the shorts to help keep the shorts close to the leg and reduce unnecessary movement.

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